Annual Vestry Reports for St. John’s, Dunsford- 2020

The following documents refer to St. John’s Anglican Church, Dunsford, 2020 annual vestry reports. Please choose or click on the link below to access the named file. You may print these documents for better viewing, preparation for and participation in our meeting. Throughout the annual vestry meeting, we may refer to “File 1” , etc. as they are named below for easy reference.

File 1 – Archdeacon Bill Gray’s Report

File 2-2019 SJD- Minutes

File 3-2020 SJD- Envelope Secretary Report

File 4-2020 SJD-Independent Financial Review

File 5-2020 SJD-Treasurer’s Report

File 6-2020 SJD-Budget Report

File 7-2020 SJD-Building Fund Report

File 8-2020 SJD-Dedicated Funds Report

File 9-2020 SJD-Financial Report

File 10-2021-Proposed Budget

File 11- Nominating Report

File 12-Diocesan Bishop Andrew Asbil Vestry Letter

File 13-TD Area Bishop Riscylla Shaw Vestry Letter

File 14-Diocesan Recommended Social Justice Motion on Anti-Racism