Harvest Thanksgiving Newsletter

Anglican Parish of Bobcaygeon, Dunsford and Burnt River

A Message from Archdeacon Bill Gray:

More of the same? After a federal election Parliament and the Canadian government remain relatively unchanged. Due to a fourth wave resulting from new Covid Delta variant, the pandemic is still with us resulting in the need to maintain current protocols governing public gatherings including in person services of worship. Yet there is much that is changing and improving. Close to 80 % of those eligible are now fully vaccinated. Numbers of new Covid infections and hospitalizations in our area remain relatively low. We have successfully resumed public services of worship. We have successfully maintained availability of video and written services for those who are unable or not comfortable yet with attending in person services. Pastoral care continues. Significant property repairs and maintenance has been accomplished. The faithful continue to support the cost of ministry with their donations. Many have been able to take advantage of summer’s warm weather to get out and resume normal activities and visit public venues. Many have reconnected with their social bubbles of family and friends.

Our progress in defeating the fourth wave is still dependent on maintaining Covid protocols and promoting vaccinations. The Government of Ontario and the Anglican Diocese of Toronto are now requiring all clergy, staff, officers and volunteers to provide proof of being fully vaccinated in order to enter the church building and attend public gatherings. At this point proof of vaccination is not required for others to attend public services of worship.

I give thanks for all those that have helped prepare for and have participated in the resumption of public services. I give thanks for those who continue to access video and written services at home. I give thanks for all those who are vaccinated. I give thanks for your continued observation of Covid protocols both at church and in the community as a sign of “love thy neighbour”. I give thanks for front liners and that public health care continues to be accessible for all in need. I give thanks for healing especially for my wife Ruth and other parish members. I give thanks that we have finally been able to engage in public “Celebrations of Life” for those families who lost loved ones during this pandemic. I give thanks for new life and the recent baptism of our granddaughter Audrey at Christ Church.

Extensive recent property repairs and improvements have been accomplished during this time at Christ Church, Bobcaygeon and to the parish church rectory. Our thanks to wardens Wendy Hall and Todd Jermyn assisted by Jerry Hall and Mark Jermyn for overseeing and arranging for the implementation of these repairs and improvements. Our thanks also for John and Sandra Parsons for their care of church gardens.

A Message from Parish Wardens:

We are thankful for the privilege of knowing those that departed this last year, we give thanks for those that administer passion and help with healing. We are thankful that Archdeacon Bill and Ruth are tending to our needs during these COVID times. We are thankful that we could pay, from the Christ Church building fund, 40,000 dollars towards church maintenance and repairs including extensive new roofing, exhaustive exterior painting and significant window frame repair at Christ Church. Another 15,000 dollars was expended for the parish rectory upgrades including a new propane heating system and furnace, back porch painting, chimney and partial roof repair. Thank you for sharing from your blessings and may you celebrate a happy Thanksgiving. Please use the enclosed Harvest Thanksgiving envelope to make your special thank offering to express your gratitude for our many blessings including the gift of our church.

Harvest Thanksgiving Sunday:
Our Harvest Thanksgiving public services of worship will occur on Thanksgiving weekend, Sunday, Oct. 10. 9:15 am- St. John’s, Dunsford; 11 am- Christ Church Bobcaygeon. If possible, please return your thank offering using your Harvest Thanksgiving envelope either in person at public service or by mail on or before that time, if necessary using the following mailing addresses. Our thanks for your support.