St. Luke’s

St. Luke’s, Burnt River

Rector’s Warden- Joanne Flint
People’s Warden-Carol Small Morris
Lay Reader and Synod Delegate- Larry Barker


St. Luke’s, Burnt River’s history dates back to 1896 when Robert Machonachie, a lay reader from the Church of England moved to the area and was licensed by the Bishop of Toronto to work in the Burnt River area. Until then Anglicans in the Burnt River area had been worshipping at Fenelon Falls, a considerable journey in those times. With Machonachie, they started worshipping first in the local Orange hall, then in St. Luke’s which opened and dedicated its new building in 1904.

In 1906 St. Luke’s became part of the parish of Kinmount, Burnt River and Irondale. Later in the 40’s St. Luke’s was attached to Fenelon Falls then back to Kinmount. In 1962 , St. Luke’s joined in the current three point parish. Since 1967 there have been several building projects which have seen restoration of the worship space, a new entrance, and the addition of a Sunday School classroom and refurbished bell tower.

St. Luke’s began in 2014 offering regular worship from Easter to Christmas, closing the building in the winter months to save money while there is low attendance. Each year the congregation of year round residents is bolstered by Anglican cottagers from nearby Four Mile Lake.

St. Luke’s is a friendly small congregation where everyone helps out and participates. The community gets involved in helping with the annual Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner held on the Saturday of that weekend. The event is held at the Burnt River Community Centre.

St. Luke’s has hosted members of Christ Church and St. John’s in an annual outdoor communion service followed by lunch. For the last two years event has moved inside the community centre due to inclement weather.

A special Christmas event is an evening lessons and carols service which follows a dinner at the community centre. Christmas is celebrated on Christmas morning at the church. Special services between Christmas and Easter can be held at the call of the rector and wardens.