Parish Vision Financial Appeal 2024

Financial Appeal/Vision for our Future Ministry-2024

Vision:  Our vision for our future growth and maintenance of parish ministry is based on a combination of developing and repurposing parish properties, parish finances and creating more opportunities for volunteers.

Parish Property:  To realign our use of church property from that of a perceived liability (ongoing costs of utilities & maintenance) to using parish property as a benefit and revenue source to support parish ministry.  This entails pursuing and retaining increased rental opportunities that increase parish revenue and serve the community including utilizing the parish hall, meeting rooms and rectory.

Parish Finances:  To provide opportunities for creative giving strategies and fund raising.

Opportunities to Volunteer:    At a time when we are welcoming and desire to welcome new members, we want to provide opportunities for meaningful involvement to volunteer in parish life that is fulfilling and rewarding.

Pandemic Realities:  We have not yet recovered the same use by the community of church facilities as before Covid. There is future potential that has not yet been realized.  Nor have we been able to re-engage all our traditional fund-raising activities.  We have also experienced the loss of some of our beloved members who passed away during this time and have been major contributors. 

Our future hope is to continue to pursue new rental opportunities of church facilities and creative fund-raising solutions that provide maximum benefit while avoiding member burnout.  We want to provide opportunities to volunteer that provide meaningful and rewarding involvement.  We also need parish members to review their parish contributions and to consider opportunities to increase their donations.

Our Request:  Give each according to their ability. 

Confidentiality:  The amount you donate or intend to give in the future is confidential.  Not everyone will be able to increase their giving or donate the same as someone else.  All donations are appreciated trusting you have given according to your ability.  If you are able, we are asking you to prayerfully consider increasing your regular donation using the following table as one possible guide.

If 2 members increase their yearly donation by the amount of$1,500.00Provides yearly increase in parish income of :$3,000.00
If 3 increase by$1,000.00Provides$3,000.00
If 4 increase by$   750.00Provides$3,000.00
If 8 increase by$   500.00Provides$4,000.00
If 28 increase by$   250.00Provides$7,000.00
Total Increase from all members  $20,000.00

Please mail your donation to one of the following addresses: 

Christ Anglican Church   St. John’s Anglican Church       St. Luke’s Anglican Ch.

PO Box 133                     1948 Sturgeon Rd                      178 Burnt River Rd.

Bobcaygeon, Ontario       Dunsford, Ontario                      Burnt River, Ontario

K0M 1A0                        K0M 1L0                                   K0M 1C0