Dear Friends, 
For everything there is a season.  (Ecclesiastes 3)   To paraphrase, a time for work and a time for rest. It is time for my Sabbath rest. 
After a year and a half of continuing church ministry during a pandemic it is time for me to take a break before we return to increased church activity in the autumn.   As we all know it has also become very hot and humid in August when wearing masks at church is even more demanding.  Many of us are also currently preoccupied this summer with other demands and obligations.   It seems that we all could benefit by taking a  vacation right now.  Therefore in consultation with parish wardens we have decided to suspend public worship for the next three Sundays.  All three congregations of our parish will be closed beginning this coming Sunday for the Sundays of August 29, September 5 and Sept 12.   
St. Luke’s, Burnt River has decided to suspend in person public services for the remainder of this season.  Therefore, only Christ Church, Bobcaygeon and St. John’s, Dunsford will return to in person public services at the usual times on Sunday,  September 19 after this break. 
In cases of pastoral emergency during this time please phone the church office at 705-738-2415 and leave a voice message as voicemail will be monitored regularly.   Your message will then be referred to the appropriate parish officer or clergyperson. 
Online internet worship services will be available during this time as before by accessing the large archive of parish YouTube video services provided by Archdeacon Bill that are available.  You can access my archive of YouTube video services directly by choosing or clicking on the internet link copied immediately following.  

Alternatively, you can access my archive of YouTube video services on the parish website or by accessing your own email inventory. The URL to type or copy and paste in your internet search engine or to google,  for the parish website,  is http://christchurchbobcaygeon.com .   Then simply search the menu on the parish website for the link to my archive of Youtube video services.  
In my archive of YouTube video services you will find services and sermons for the same Sundaya after Pentecost that we observe during the coming Sundays.   Alternatively, perhaps you have missed watching my YouTube video services posted for the past several weeks this summer either because you were attending public services in person or you were away or preoccupied with the other demands of the summer.  This would be a good opportunity to catch up on the video services you have missed either recently or over the past year and a half.  
When we return to public worship I want to provide advance notice that our six month old grandchild Audrey will be baptised on Sunday, Sept. 26 at 11 am at Christ Church Bobcaygeon.   You all are of course invited to attend this happy occasion.  We hope to have many of our family and friends present for this occasion.  Many of you will remember Audrey as a frequent guest star of some of my past YouTube video services where she certainly stole the show.  This is an opportunity to meet her in person and for us to indicate our appreciation of her contribution to our services. 
Have a good remainder of the summer and I look forward to seeing many of you in person when we return to public services on Sept. 19. 
Warmest regards, 
Archdeacon Bill Gray
Anglican Parish of Bobcaygeon, Dunsford and Burnt River

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