Christ Church

Christ Church, Bobcaygeon

Rector’s Warden – Wendy Hall
People’s Warden- Todd Jermyn
Deputy Warden- Doug Shaw
Envelope Secretary-Mavis D’Alquen
Synod Delegate-Mavis D’Alquen


Anglican Church Women

Women of the parish meet quarterly for a mid-week Eucharist, followed by a meeting and a time of fellowship. The first meeting for the 2015-16 season will be held on Tues. Sept 8 at 10am beginning with communion in the church hall. The Christ Church ACW will be hosting the Victoria Haliburton Deanery Anglican Church Women on Oct. 20 at 9:30am. The ACW over years has organized teas, bazaars, quilt raffles and bake sales. Each year the ACW co-sponsors the Bobcaygeon House Tour as a joint project with the United Church Women (UCW) from Trinity United.


Sunday School

The Sunday School is currently taking a break because its “students” have graduated and gone on to sing in the choir and act as servers. There are two experienced Sunday School teachers who have provided lessons for children under 12 for a number of years. Children have participated in bringing up gifts for the food bank to the altar, and seasonal celebrations in Advent and Lent.


Pastoral Care

A committee of volunteer pastoral visitors works with the parish priest to care for those who are sick or shut-in at home, or those in nursing homes and hospitals. Christ Church provides both lay and clergy leadership for services at the Pinecrest and Case Manor care facilities and the Kawartha Suites seniors home. Volunteers also carry out a prayer shawl ministry. Shawls are knitted, blessed and delivered to those in need of continuing prayer support. A card ministry also reaches out to those in need of encouragement.

Outreach Committee

The Outreach Committee sponsors a number of Saturday morning breakfasts with either speakers or music to raise funds for worthy local, national and international projects. For more a decade the group has sponsored a student in Honduras. Additional support has gone to Sleeping Children Around the World, and a local Christian youth outreach program.


Chancel Guild

A number of women in the congregation work behind the scenes to prepare for services each Sunday, arrange flowers, launder linens and change altar hangings. They decorate the church for Harvest, Christmas and Easter.


Quilters Guild

The quilters arrive every Thursday afternoon for fellowship, and a craft which has been carried on for years. Each year a quilt is offered for raffle.


Coffee Hour

After each service volunteers provide tea, coffee and home baked goodies, served in the spacious Narthex, just outside the Nave of the church.



A choir meets Thursday afternoons for much of the year to practice hymns and special seasonal music. Some choir members also make up the nucleus of Caygeon Spice, an instrumental Gospel group which provides upbeat music on fifth Sundays, as well as other special occasions.


Servers, Lay Chalice Administrators Anointers, Readers, and Sidespeople

Volunteers have important roles in different aspects of weekly worship. Lay participation in leading worship is an important part of ministry at Christ Church.

Worship Schedule

First and Third Sundays Holy Communion—alternating between BAS (contemporary)and BCP (traditional)

Second and Fourth Sundays (Except Major Festivals) Morning Prayer-alternating between BAS and BCP

Fifth Sunday- Caygeon Spice- Gospel Music with Contemporary Morning Prayer



The history of Christ Church begins with mill owner Thomas Need, who opened a church in 1836. It disappeared soon, but when Need sold his land to Mossom Boyd, three acres were reserved on the island for Christ Church, a name chosen by by Need. The church was designed by Irish architect John Belcher in 1869 and built shortly after with the first service on Christmas Eve 1870.

The church was dedicated by Bishop Bethune in 1871. Christ Church was officially consecrated on September 13, 1881. The parish hall was joined to the church and improvements made to provide a Narthex and office and classroom space in 1990.

Improvements were made to the basement to provide for the Bobcaygeon Helps food bank which began as Christ Church outreach, then included other Bobcaygeon churches, and is now administered by a volunteer community board and executive, which is appointed by church representatives.

Currently Christ Church is part of a three point parish which includes St. John’s, Dunsford and St. Luke’s, Burnt River. The three congregations share a priest who is housed in the Rectory built in 1929, next to Christ Church.